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Importance of Fathers and Men Generally

Fathers are important and so are men generally.

  • Since the dawn of humankind, over countless generations, men and women have been raising children together.
  • Humanity’s success, the rise of civilisation, has relied on good parenting from fathers and mothers equally.
  • Nurturing children is instinctive.
  • It’s natural and easy for men just as much as women.

What's in the Video

The video shows that men are extremely capable. Our greatest achievement are absolutely amazing – from Usain Bolt's world sprint record, to Einstein's general theory of relativity, to the inventions of Steve Jobs and James Dyson. You should never underestimate the abilities of man.

Good Fathers are Everywhere

Why does there always seem to be a question mark over whether the average Dad, who happens to be separated from the mother, is capable of caring for his own children?

Of course, if he's a half-decent human, he's more than capable of providing excellent developmental care for his offspring. And, along with the mother, he's more passionate about their well-being than anyone else. Never forget that he is fighting for them and, if you act against him, you're probably acting against the welfare of his children.

Support our Children

Public policy must be directed to ensuring that children get what they deserve – a close relationship with their father as well as their mother. We should adopt a new child support scheme that takes away some of the financial incentives for mothers to dominate care. Fathers matter too.