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The Child Support Agency (CSA) in Australia is part of Services Australia. You can contact Services Australia by phone or online to get information or assistance with child support matters.

To contact CSA by phone, call the Child Support general enquiries line on 131 272 from within Australia, or +61 3 6222 3455 from outside Australia. The line is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm (local time) except for national public holidays.

You can also contact CSA online through the myGov website.

If you need urgent assistance, you can also visit a Services Australia centre in person. Service centres are located across Australia. You can find your nearest one by using the service centre locator on the Services Australia website.

What Is 131272?

131272 is the Child Support Agency contact number.

Technically, 131 272 is a general enquiries phone number for Services Australia. Services Australia is the government agency responsible for administering the child support system in Australia.

By calling 131272, you can get information or assistance with child support matters, including making and tracking payments, updating your personal details, and getting help with disputes.

The line is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm (local time) except for national public holidays.

How Do I Get Through to an Operator?

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To get through to an operator when you call the child support line, you’ll need to follow the prompts provided by the automated system. The automated system will ask you questions to determine which service you need.

To speak to an operator, you can follow these steps:

  1. Call the child support general enquiries line on 131 272.
  2. When the automated system answers, listen to the options provided and select the one that best matches your needs.
  3. If you’re unable to find the service you need through the automated system, you can select the option to speak to an operator. You may need to wait on hold for a long time before being connected to an operator.

The child support line is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm (local time) except for national public holidays.

Because you may be waiting for a long time, you may want to put your phone on speaker and sit it down while you do something else. It’s also good to call at unusual times when they may be less busy. For example, it could be hard to get through on Monday morning or during lunchtimes.

How Do I Access Online CSA Services?

To access online services for child support in Australia, you will need to create a myGov account and link it to Child Support.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the myGov website ( and click on the “Create a myGov account” button.
  2. Follow the prompts to create your myGov account. You will need to provide your personal details and create a username and password.
  3. Once you have created your myGov account, you will need to link it to Child Support.

Once you have linked your myGov account, you’ll be able to access a range of online services, including those related to child support. These services may include estimating income, making and tracking payments, updating your personal details, and getting help with disputes.

You can access these services by logging in to your myGov account and clicking on the “Child Support” button.

Services Australia

Services Australia is a government agency that provides a range of services to the Australian community, including social security, health, and child support services. It was formerly known as the Department of Human Services (DHS), but was rebranded as Services Australia in 2020.

Services Australia is responsible for administering a number of programs and services that support the needs of individuals, families, and communities in Australia. Some of the services provided by Services Australia include:

  • Social security payments, such as the Age Pension, Disability Support Pension, and Carer Payment
  • Health services, including the Medicare Benefits Scheme and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
  • Child support services, including calculating and collecting child support payments and helping parents to come to agreements about child support
  • Services for people with disability, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • Services for older Australians, including the Aged Care system

You can contact Services Australia by phone or online to get information or assistance with any of these services. You can also visit a Services Australia service centre in person, or use the online services available through the myGov website.

How CSA Became Services Australia

The Child Support Agency (CSA) was a government agency in Australia that was responsible for administering the child support system in Australia. The CSA was established in 1988 as part of the Child Support Scheme, which was introduced by the Australian Government to provide financial support to children whose parents were separated or divorced.

The CSA was responsible for calculating and collecting child support payments, as well as helping parents to come to agreements about child support. The CSA also provided a range of services to families and individuals, including information and assistance with child support matters, and mediation and dispute resolution services.

In 2018, the CSA was merged with the Department of Human Services (DHS) to form a new agency called Services Australia. After the merger, the DHS took over the responsibilities of the CSA and became responsible for administering the child support system in Australia. The DHS was rebranded as Services Australia in 2020.

28 Responses

  1. Dazza
    | Reply

    Child support is the reason I don’t even give my ex a crumb anymore. 2011 to 2013 we had an agreement I paid ex cash instead of child support. Then we agreed to go child support 2013. 10 years later my ex told child support she had my son 100% 2010 to 2014. Now they charge me $3000. Gotta call tomorrow and tell them about the car and loan and rego and insurance I pay for that should go towards child support. If they except it will be a lot more than $3000. Ex also got a federally employed friend to forge my signature on Centrelink form she submitted in June that said she had my son 100% since dec22. But then she tells child support she has my son 100% from oct22. I think someone is lying and done something fairly illegal. And trying to get backpay: I guess if ex is in jail for a max of 10 I get to see my boy a lot more. Silly woman.

    • Andrew Lancaster (admin)
      | Reply

      It is normally the responsibility of the parent to inform CSA in a timely way if care circumstances change. I don’t understand how they could backdate in this case.

      You can also gather your own evidence about care percentages. You can also write and sign a one-page affidavit where you affirm / swear to the facts here.

      These are bureaucratic processes where rules are meant to be followed. I’d suggest you try to simplify the story about what has happened here to clarify the key facts and events. You can seek a review of any decisions made that you disagree with if you have relevant evidence to support your claims.

  2. Steven Abbey-barnes
    | Reply

    so I did a little overtime last financial year to be able to afford the rising cost of living so they bumped my child support up to a stupid amount, now work has died down and I’m barely scrapping by, way behind in everything except child support because they take it out of my pay before I even get it, systems cooked

    • Andrew Lancaster (admin)
      | Reply

      In circumstances where your income has dropped compared to the previous financial year, you can over-ride the income setting by putting in an income estimate for 2023-24. You can do this online. Need to do it ASAP as they don’t backdate. Make it lower than what you expect because they have a strange calculation method for setting your new income. Have covered this previously.

  3. an
    | Reply

    need help with mental health

    • Andrew Lancaster (admin)
      | Reply

      Not our area of expertise unfortunately. We try to support mental health by making child support more manageable and less frustrating.

  4. Luke
    | Reply

    The information, perspective, and context your site has provided has been instrumental in helping me navigate the complexities of our social services system during an incredibly difficult time. Thank you.

    • Andrew Lancaster (admin)
      | Reply

      You’re welcome!

  5. Father
    | Reply

    The system is so broken, why doesn’t CSA and the family court link together. My situation is my son is 7 3/4 years old and I separated from his mother when he was 2. I’ve never missed or been short on my child support payments even with periods of months going without seeing him. After taking out a dvo against her in 2019 and having court orders made in 2020 and then after 31 contraventions taking it back to court in April where she was put on a 2 year bond and ordered to pay $6k of my over $20k legal costs (which I could only afford after borrowing money from family). Prior to court this year she got CSA to make me pay 100% care to her for 7 months and after appealing the decision with AAT and winning the 7 months of extra payments just becomes a little bonus for her as this is not credited or made to be paid back to me. She is now continuing to breach court orders and hasn’t paid a cent of the $6k back to me my only option is to go back to court (which I can’t afford) as she is threatening to make me pay 100% again. I work but with cost of living my child support going up again as she does the dodgy saying she only earns $27k a year, I’m left with $30 a fortnight after expenses. The system is so broken

    • Andrew Lancaster (admin)
      | Reply

      Frustrating to say the least. You may want to emotionally detach from all this if you can and just make a quick, cold-blooded decision about what you are going to do in each situation. Given your experience, you may be surprised at your ability to do legal things without a lawyer.

  6. Michelle Malki
    | Reply

    I have 2 claims with you. 2 father’s. 6 children. Both father’s have hidden while I’ve raised their children without support. The first father was found after this 5 hildren had left home. he made an appeal based on the belief that 2 weren’t his.
    you never even included me in on the appeal process! he just got pardoned. the 2 children in question DNA tested as his. why do you make it so easy for father’s to walk away free, after the children leave home?. I still had to pay for all his kids… I’m still squashed in the dirt over here from raising them. why do I not deserve to be repaid?
    the last child is 18 this year. his father, who is in Israel, who also hasn’t supported his child, is no expressing interest in appealing his child support debt too… so he can come back to Australia to enjoy fatherhood now that I’ve almost finished the job…
    I’ve been homeless with these children. I’ve had to pull us out of public housing and I’m still experiencing disadvantage due to raising 6 children by myself… will you let my last son walk away free too when he makes an appeal?
    why isn’t the other parent involved in such a big decision about our lives? why aren’t we contacted to give our side. I received 6 payments that just stopped. you didn’t even contact me to say that it had been appealed. why is it OK for father’s to walk away free if they wait long enough???

  7. Daniel
    | Reply

    Is there an email address we can contact Child Support through. I am currently overseas and cannot access MyGov or phone.

    • Andrew Lancaster (admin)
      | Reply


  8. Robyn
    | Reply

    Not sure receiving parent comments are welcome here but I have a huge beef with the system. My ex is only assessed to pay $75 pf for the two teens that he can’t be bothered seeing. I’m on a good income but his low payment is solely because he can’t be bothered working. We did a property settlement last year. They gave him the larger percentage ‘because of his lower income earning capacity’ – they didn’t even give me any extra credit for the two teens. They left me with a large mortgage (despite me having a house before I met him and him having nothing). So basically, he fishes all day, lives off the $300k cash they gave him, can’t be bothered working and has no dependants to look after at all. Meanwhile, I pay $850pw on my mortgage, fully support two teens and can’t take a holiday or sick day because I dont’ get paid if I don’t work. Now he’s called the CSA and told them he only makes $7k per year and for some reason they’ve accepted that Provisional amount even though he has been on a full income support payment for 4 years. Great system we have….. not.

    • Andrew Lancaster (admin)
      | Reply

      Comments from any kind of parent are welcome. We’re not playing politics other than pointing out ways to improve the system and outcomes for children and society.

      Freeloaders tend to do well out of the system, as you’ve learned the hard way. His provisional income may be unimportant in this case however. A low income is a low income, whether it’s $7k or $17k. Any under-estimate of income will get erased anyway if and when he submits a tax return.

  9. Trish
    | Reply

    if I have a child who is 17 and now lives with his father who I pay child support to do I have to wait for his tax to be reconciled through child support before my tax refund can be completed?

    • Andrew Lancaster (admin)
      | Reply

      No. They should process your tax return quickly. If you owe any child support at the time, CSA will take it out of any refund.

  10. Child support
    | Reply

    hello everyone, I have concern about the father of my son, I born my son u in the Philippines by that time the father can’t go to the Philippines to sign the live birth of my son, and now we broke up and his support is 26 aud a week is it enough? for the child support? just ask and want some get idea about it. thanks and advance

    • Andrew Lancaster (admin)
      | Reply

      26 AUD a week is very low, even if a parent has little income.

  11. Josh
    | Reply

    situation 50 50 I am the payee. I do my tax return before August. ex does on the 31 Mar and provides an estimate. This is leaving me with a debt as the original assessment is reassessed with a determination I should have paid more because her actual taxable is less. we are on good terms, and the focus is on the kids. my available pay is exhausted before the next pay day, I have no savings at all, pay medical bills for the kids. I am struggling and lost. the system of being lumped with a debt when I meet all my obligations
    what should I do

    • Andrew Lancaster (admin)
      | Reply

      For a start, you should put some money aside to handle unexpected events. Almost anyone with a job who complains about having no money needs to look at their spending. That’s just the truth.

      CSA are also open to people agreeing to terms for repaying debt. Their debt people are happy to waive penalties and fees normally if the parent with a debt gives an undertaking to pay it off.

  12. Lisa Hammermeister
    | Reply

    The father of my 2 children has gone from unemployed to working FIFO in Western Australiam I can’t find out where he works but his mother knows. I am in NT where single parents get put on Newstartbinstead of single parents.Therefore I loose concessions like other states. Rego for thhe car. .Medical ,electricity etc. why do I have to find his work details Ito get the child support payment. what does it mean by reconciled amount? my 2 kids are teenagers and expenses are getting more. can’t his mother be obliged to help her grandkids have a better life by making her son responsible in paying. my daughter 10 is being bullied at school for not having a Dad and wearing Kmart clothes and shoes.shecwasvtold by peers to FXxk kill herself. The school didn’t deal with it adequately as they don’t want a mark for having bullying t their school. I now have to take her and pay for counselling as she has been diagnosed as depression. it’s a struggle to pay for school camps? Justin Race keeps drinking his money away while my kids and I struggle. How is this fair

    • Andrew Lancaster (admin)
      | Reply

      He will be required to pay substantial child support once he puts in his tax return. Payments will be calculated from 1 July based on his income for the previous financial year.

  13. Pete Ladner
    | Reply

    Child support is causing suicide of fathers due to the high amounts calculated and financially excluding fathers from seeing the children. They have to work more and always have been the 1 bread winner. The system is wrong and when you’ve got no money u can’t even afford a lawyer to get 50 50 custody. I’m at a loss of what to do.

    • Andrew Lancaster (admin)
      | Reply

      The system to deal with family breakup is wrong. People without direct or indirect experience couldn’t imagine just how unjust it all is. They are merciless on fathers generally speaking. And child support is the final straw for some people, probably quite a high number. The only politician doing anything is Pauline Hanson. The others should hand their heads in shame for inaction or, in the case of the ALP / Greens, doing everything they can to push fathers to the brink.

  14. Kay
    | Reply

    My son was held in custody for 2 years, obviously he had no income, he verbally told Child Support he had no income. He was released from prison and did his tax returns, he had been told his debt was $1100, when he received his tax refund Child Support stole almost $10,000 from the tax return, this has left him with no money, he has no job and at risk of being homeless without his parents help.
    Can Child Support review his situation and retrieve his money. They knew his situation as his last communication was a phone conference at the prison.

    • Andrew Lancaster (admin)
      | Reply

      Don’t think there is anything you can do here. It looks like the Dept of Social Services recalculated his debts based on the submitted tax returns. They also intercepted tax refunds to pay off the debt, which they’re entitled to do.

  15. Mark
    | Reply

    Getting through to CSA on the phone can take ages. Prepare for a long wait.

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