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  1. Andrew
    | Reply

    I am currently in a private agreement with my ex regarding child support for my two children i recently learned i have been paying more then required after my financial situation changed negotiating down to near the assessed amount was stressful i am considering switching to csa collect agreement but i am very anxious about the emotional fallout as ive been asked to account for every dollar in reduction by my ex what is in involved in going to a csa agreement

    • Andrew Lancaster (admin)
      | Reply

      Please be kind to readers when writing in the future and include full stops to mark the end of sentences.

      If you have an informal private agreement, you can simply stop paying. It will be up to the other parent to apply for child support, which is not difficult.

      No negotiation is required as far as payment amounts go. Child Support uses a formula. But parents still need to work out between themselves who pays for what expenses.

  2. Cristika
    | Reply

    My fmr husband refuses to get a permanent job (he didn’t get one while we were together, actually turned them down, because he didn’t want me to “live” off him, but was fine living off me, so he could be a perpetual uni student and play dungeons and dragons, while I did HDR studies, worked, took care of kids, took care of house, took care of him, listened to MIL say that I ruined his life by ‘getting’ pregnant). Due to changes in circumstances, I didn’t get to finish PhD and needed to go on disability and had PTSD and he’s not letting me see the kids and lost my PT ICT job. I’m forced on DSP, he brags about all the degrees he has and how intelligent he is and will not get a permanent job because the local jobs are beneath him (TAFE’s for losers, apparently) and his GF has FT job (did you know someone can both brag and complain that they don’t get Centrelink in the same single sentence). He refuses to get a job and is alienating me from kids (GF will leave him if he “forces” the kids to spend time with me). He’s also applied for child support for kids no longer in his care (wtf?) as they’ve left home. Can I get liability reduced to zero (I can’t afford it and he refuses to get a job). For ten years ($6000), I didn’t collect the child support from him (because I didn’t need it but was legally required to apply, so private ‘collection’).
    I’d like to be able to pay child support, because my kids deserve it, and was paying x2 until I lost casual job, and I just can’t afford to anymore

    TL-DR: I’m on DSP, ex REFUSES to get a job. How can I pay $0?

    TL:DR – Ex refuses to get a job and I’m on DSP. How to pay $0

    • Andrew Lancaster (admin)
      | Reply

      I gather from your rambling question that you’re being asked to pay a small of child support but you don’t want to. Well, too bad. You can’t get out of it.

      You should instead focus on improving your life and being the best person you can – for the sake of your children and yourself.

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