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You’ve described some flaws in the current system well.

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Your partner can apply for a Change of Assessment. However, there is little Services Australia can do if he chooses not to provide all the financial information they seek.

Comment on CSA Complaints Forum by Andrew Tue, 29 Nov 2022 21:45:20 +0000 My ex-wife has 65% care of the children. She works part-time, and has been offered full time work and declined it from her employer. I am trying to understand how it is fair for me to work 11 day fortnights to earn a good income and there is no expectation from child support that my ex-wife attempt to gain full time employment, when there is no reason for her not to. Also with the formula…we recently changed care so that my care of the kids increased by 2 days per month. When this was formalised by Child Support, my repayments went down by $18 per month. This indicates that it costs me $9 per day to have 2 children in my custody, so essentially, I am worse off than I was before and my ex-wife is financially better off? I am struggling to see why the harder worker is penalised for doing so. The more I earn, the less incentive there is for her to work full time. I am now hearing that she is planning to go back to 3 days a week from 4 and that will result in my payments going up even further. I find it unrealistic and unfair that a single parent can make the decision to work less at the expense of the person working hard to maintain a good income. Surely there is some kind of criteria that requires more effort than this on the part of the payment recipient?

Comment on CSA Complaints Forum by Simon Sat, 26 Nov 2022 01:21:16 +0000 Hi, my partner’s ex has recently freely decided to have 0% care of his daughter and subsequently has been paying the mother $1300 per month as he has a much higher income. His income has been consistently high for ten years but 3 months into paying has conveniently predicted his income to be half off before. He is self-employed and I suspect that his business will be re-directing half of his pay to his new wife to lower his personal income, thus reducing his payments. Is there a process in place to check these kind of dealings? Thanks

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Thanks Tomas. You might have a case for “Reason 8 – Earning Capacity” Change of Assessment if you had evidence that she cut back on work hours in order to improve her child support assessment (which you probably don’t).

Reason 5 would require demonstrating that a certain transfer within the property settlement was for the child’s benefit. Hard to see that working with an even care split and with the time elapsed.

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Well, the $25 is obviously irrelevant. It’s a tactical battle now. Normally, it’s best with even care if you split categories, so one parent pays for certain types of things and the other parents contributes elsewhere. If you’re paying, that puts you in control in many ways. You can use that to your advantage. There’s not much that the system offers in terms of help, aside from major spending items like medical expenses and private school fees.

Comment on CSA Complaints Forum by Tomas Wed, 23 Nov 2022 22:44:31 +0000 G’day Andrew,
Thanks for your time. Love your forum mate!

Question, I have been paying child support for 6 years.

My ex wife with our property settlement and super benefited more with a 55%/45% split.

My ex wife since our divorce has resided in a home purchased by her parents and I don’t believe there is any mortgage or rental transaction during that time.

Over time both our income has increased year on year, (with myself having greater earnings). However, in the last financial taxable year, her earnings have dropped which would lead me to believe she has gone part-time or not working to her capacity, which in turn has resulted in much higher payments.

Do you think I have a case for a CSA?

I was thinking I would list reason 5 (property settlement) as the agreement for higher split was to ensure a house could be repurchased and 8A as I don’t believe the housing situation (living in one of her parents investment property) is fair and just and 8B based on her earnings have decreased.

Appreciate your feedback
Cheers mate.

Comment on CSA Complaints Forum by Drew Wed, 23 Nov 2022 07:59:30 +0000 Two parents that have 50/50 care. After assessment one pays the other $25 a week. The payee now states that the $25 is to cover all expenses and refuses to pay for anything else including school fees or any other expense. What can be done?

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Glad you could follow along with the calculations for the most part. But it’s only 3 nights per fortnight above 50:50 (10 nights instead of 7). So, the figures do actually match.

Comment on CSA Complaints Forum by Anon Thu, 17 Nov 2022 11:40:17 +0000 Example: two parents with two young kids. one parent earns 25k the other 110k.
10 days a fortnight with parent (25k) and 4 with parent (110k). The online calculator has an annual amount of 14766 listed (567 fn) But if it is worked out with the nightly amount of 188.79 listed (Beyond 50/50) this equates to 6 nights x $188.79 = $1132. Fn.
so my question is why are the calculations different. And is either ok to use.